How to Clear a Sewer Line Clog

How to Clear a Sewer Line Clog

A clog in the main sewer line will affect the entire house because it will create unpleasant backups and water damage. Clearing a sewer line clog may be very dangerous too, that is why you should contact an expert plumber at Mr. Rooter. The following are some remedies you may apply to unclear the drain;

Plunge on the Drain

Whether it is the toilet, bathtub or sink, you may want to start unclogging the sewer line by using a plumber to shake and loosen the obstructions within the sewer line. The high-water level may subside after doing this.

Apply the Snake

Snaking by slowly twisting the drain snake in a clockwise motion into the clogged drain may work. As the snake is being pulled out gently twist anticlockwise to draw out the substance that is causing obstruction.

Check the Vent of the Drain

Sometimes, an obstruction may be blocking the vent pipe and that will put pressure on the drain, preventing draining into the main sewer line. In order to release this pressure, you need to check the roof and clear the vent of any obstruction with the use of a drain snake or garden hose.

How Mr. Rooter Will Clear Your Clogged Drain

Just in case any of the steps mentioned above didn't work, please contact us at Mr. Rooter. Do not try to apply much pressure on the drain to avoid causing further damages. At Mr. Rooter, we do have licensed and well-trained plumbers who are ready to troubleshoot and fix the clog problems.

Our professional plumbers will deploy hydro jetting to eliminate the clog causing drain blockage. This method involves the use of pressurized water to scour the drain line debris, grease and another buildup of foreign materials causing clogging.

Pipelining is another procedure we will take after de-clogging the drain line. At this phase, the entire drain pipe will be lined with a sleeve, in order to seal it off and stop any leakage. Doing this will seal off any moisture from the exterior. This is a form of drain cleaning procedures that do not involve any digging, yet it is more efficient than traditional trenching methods.

Pipe Bursting is another option which involves the use of hydraulics to break old sewer pipes apart and then install new seamless pipes. This process will ensure that future pipe leaks are prevented.

Mr. Rooter Proves Regular, Scheduled Maintenance Care for Drain and Sewer Lines

Sometimes, lack of maintenance care can cause the blockage of the drain in most homes. Regular inspection plus drain cleaning, are two important maintenance schedules that will prevent the build-up of debris in your drain line. External problems causing drain blockage such as tree roots will also be dealt with effectively.

You should leave all the messy drain cleaning work to the reliable plumbers. Give us a call at Mr. Rooter today, and we will be right there to unclog the drain line and schedule regular maintenance to help you prevent future clogs in your drain.

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