How to Avoid Scary Pipes 

How to Avoid Scary Pipes 

When the season for spooky costumes and Jack o' Lantern's arrives, fewer things are scarier for homeowners than a broken plumbing system. If the temperature is dropping and the smell of apple cider fills the air, it's time to start thinking about pipe maintenance. Proper care is the key to determining if this winter will be full of tricks or treats. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we provide a wide range of plumbing repair and maintenance services for home and business owners in Atlanta, Suwanee, Sandy Springs, Roswell and other nearby communities. Here are a few ways for you and your family to avoid scary pipes this Halloween.

Insulate Pipes to Avoid a Horrifying Emergency

Temperatures can fluctuate wildly in the months of October and November. If the weather in your city is going from freezing to frighteningly hot, it's important that you prepare your pipes. An unexpected frost could cause excessive air pressure in your plumbing system, and create the perfect conditions for busted and broken pipes. If you want to avoid water damage and unnecessary leaks, insulating your pipes can help to regulate and stabilize temperatures.

Keep Pumpkin Goo Out of Your Kitchen Sink

Most people don't think twice about throwing the slimy remnants of their Halloween décor down the drain. Unfortunately, even if you're using a garbage disposal, all those sticky pumpkin guts can wreak havoc on your pipes. Their stringy structure can harden inside your plumbing system, causing a large blockage deep inside your sewer line. Avoid unnecessary clogs by laying your carving scraps out on newspaper. This will make it easy to find the seeds for roasting or planting and you can quickly toss the mess without worrying about backups.

Get Your Screeching and Clanking Pipes Repaired

Are you hearing strange sounds coming from your walls at night? There's no need to fear, it's probably not ghosts or ghouls, but outdated pipes. If you're hearing banging, clanking or squealing noises from your garbage disposal, pipes or water heater then it's probably time for a professional plumbing inspection. The experts at Mr. Rooter of Atlanta have all the tools and skills it takes to get your spooky pipes back in working order fast.

Need to Get Your Pipes Ready for the Fall? Don't Be Scared, Call Mr. Rooter of Atlanta

Is it time to get your plumbing system ready for cooler weather? There's no reason to wait until the first freeze. Getting prepared early will help take the stress away, and ensure you have smooth running pipes all winter long. Focus on fun and family this holiday season by getting your pipes winterized and repaired before Halloween. Our certified plumbers proudly provide a variety of commercial and residential services, from basic repairs to whole system replacements. Are you concerned about your spooky pipes? Contact the team at Mr. Rooter of Atlanta today, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help schedule an appointment for your next inspection, pipe repair, or pipe insulation service.

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