How to Avoid Common Summer Plumbing Problems

How to Avoid Common Summer Plumbing Problems

A lot of people prepare their pipes for frosty winters but forget that summer can be just as brutal to your Atlanta home's plumbing. Summertime puts a lot of heavy demand on your system. The kids are home, the pool is running and the sprinkler system is going full force. In order to save the most amount of money and have the least number of issues, make sure you know what it takes to avoid some of the most common summer plumbing problems.

Keep Roots at Bay

During the heat of the summer, your yard's trees and bushes might be in desperate need of water. Your wastewater pipes provide the best source of nutrient dense water possible. Chances are, if you have a leak their thirsty roots will be clamoring to get their way into your plumbing system. One small crack has the potential to cause major problems down the line once roots become involved. After they have infiltrated your system, it's only a matter of time before they begin to grow wildly inside the pipe, causing major backups and eventual system collapse.

Thankfully, this problem can be averted. It's best to avoid the issue altogether by planting trees and bushes a minimum of ten feet away from any underground pipes. You may want to consider installing a physical root barrier that will deflect the roots from growing toward your pipes. Also, watering your plants properly can keep them from needing to grow far away in search of a different water source.

The signs of root problems usually present themselves in the form of frequent clogs. If you suspect that roots are growing in your pipes already, give us a call at Mr. Rooter of Atlanta. We have years of experience helping Atlanta area families repair the damage before it leads to a plumbing system failure.

Install a Sump Pump

Early summer flooding can cause a lot of damage to homes in Atlanta. Rushing water can find its way through your home's foundation and fill your basement, causing thousands of dollars in property damage. A sump pump will allow any excess water to drain properly. If you don't have one in your home, you can hire a professional to install it for you. Make sure if your home already has a sump pump that it's properly maintained by doing a thorough inspection before flood season. A little extra attention can go a long way towards protecting your home from significant water damage.

Watch Out for Hidden Leaks

Your plumbing system probably gets the most use during the summer months. Swimming pools, sprinkler systems and extra loads in the washing machine can add up to a lot of water waste if you aren't careful. Pay attention to any faucets that have low pressure or a lighter flow than normal, they may help you pinpoint areas where a leak is happening. Having a proper plumbing inspection from a reputable company like Mr. Rooter of Atlanta can help your mind rest at ease. The cost of a routine inspection is a small price to pay to avoid the increase in utility bills. Let us help you save money not only this summer, but for years to come.

Mr. Rooter is a local full service plumbing company that specializes in plumbing repair and installation, leak detection, drain cleaning, water heater repair and septic care. If you live in the Atlanta area, give Mr. Rooter a call and schedule a consultation today.

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