How Does Pipe Leak Tape Work?

How Does Pipe Leak Tape Work?

There are a lot of handy tools that homeowners can keep in their collection for fixing minor plumbing issues. One commonly found item is pipe leak tape. You may have come across pipe leak tape in a friend or relative's home and wondered what it was used for or how to properly use it in your own property. Or perhaps you have a leak and are wondering if you should invest in some for yourself. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta, we provide high quality residential and commercial plumbing services including leak repair and pipe replacements in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding metro area neighborhoods. Are you looking for more information about pipe leap tape? Here are some more details that can help you decide if pipe leak tape is a worthwhile item to invest in.

What Exactly Is Pipe Leak Tape?

Two different varieties of tape are often used to temporarily fix a leaking pipe. The first is pipe thread tape, which is also commonly referred to as "Teflon tape" or "plumber's tape", is designed to create a watertight seal. It can also lubricate connections between plumbing joints, which helps make the threading and disassembly process easier to perform. The second type of type is silicone tape, which may also be called "self-fusing" or "self-amalgamating" tape. It can be easily wrapped around a pipe leak to form a waterproof seal until the pipe can be properly repaired.

Which Type of Pipe Leak Tape Should I Use?

Both tapes are used for different purposes. Pipe thread tape should be used for leaks that are caused by loosely fitting pipe joints. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a hairline fracture or a leak coming from the middle of a plumbing pipe, then silicone tape will be needed.

Proper Techniques for Using Pipe Leak Tape

Before beginning any plumbing task that involves pipes, you will need to shut off the water supply. This will help you avoid a watery mess. For pipe thread tape, you will need to disconnect the pipes in question and wrap the tape securely around the pipe thread. Then screw the pipe back into the joint and test to see if your pipe is continuing to leak. If you intend to use silicone tape for a fracture leak, then simply locate the culprit, and wrap the tape around the leak as tightly as possible. Be sure to overlap several times to provide a good seal. Then call a local plumber and schedule an appointment for a leak repair.

Does Pipe Leak Tape Offer a Permanent Solution?

Keep in mind that any variety of plumbing tape should only be used on an extremely temporary basis. Utilizing these tools can put an immediate stop to water damage, while you wait for a professional plumber to arrive. Pipe thread tape and silicone tape should never be used as a permanent solution, because it will likely lead to further pipe damage. Eventually, if the issue is ignored, you could experience a major leak or burst pipe.

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