Home Plumbing Reminders for Fall

Home Plumbing Reminders for Fall

During the ice cold months of December and January, people often talk about winterizing their homes plumbing. Unfortunately, by the time the winter has settled in, chances are your pipes are already suffering. The fall is the best time to make preparations for your home's plumbing system. Mr. Rooter Plumbing offers several maintenance services to help keep your home or business safe from the effects of freezing weather. Start early this year to keep your properties pipes running smoothly all year long.

Maintain Your Gutters

For many people, the fall brings back childhood memories of diving into colorful piles of fallen leaves. However, for your gutter system, those same leaves can cause major problems. Clogged gutters can cause damage to your wood; the landscaping around your home and most importantly, your foundation. Your downspout is in place to direct water away from your house, so when you've got debris causing backed up water to pour over the side, it will begin to pool near your foundation slab and cause big trouble. Make sure that you go the extra mile during the pre-winter months and consistently clear out your gutters, especially in areas where there are large trees nearby.

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

If water is left in your sprinklers over the winter, it could freeze and expand, causing severe damage to your system. The fall is the perfect time to winterize your outdoor pipes and sprinklers by blowing out the water with compressed air. Be sure to check all of the valves and spouts as well, to ensure that there are no water leaks that could freeze over the coming months, and cause structural damage to your home's pipes.

Empty Your Water Heater

During the winter, your water heater has to work overtime to make sure the water for your family's dishwasher, laundry and showers stay toasty and warm. Before it gets too cold, it's a good idea to use this time wisely and empty out your water heater. This will ensure that there isn't any sediment built up in your tank, and will give it a fresh start. While you're at it, check and make sure that your tank is set at the appropriate temperature.

Inspect and Clean Your Sump Pump

Though spring and summer usually bring floods, winter also has its fair share of water in the form of ice and snow. Your sump pump's job is to keep your basement and home dry, and it simply can't do its job if it isn't properly maintained. During the winter months, your sump pump might have to work extra hard to keep the melted snow and ice from damaging your basement. Getting an annual sump pump inspection and cleaning is a great way to avoid unnecessary problems.

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