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Signs of Corroded Pipes Jun 2018

Signs of Corroded Pipes

Just as ageing is inevitable for humans, corrosion is the same fate that befalls pipes over a period of time if they are left uncoated. Pipe corrosion is primarily caused by oxidation and ageing of the pipe. Yes, pipes age too. You may go pondering over how to detect it when your water pipes are corroded as you can’t possibly see the inside. Well, it’s possible to tell with the signs we will share in this piece. So, let’s break them down for you.  Signs of Corroded ...

What is Water Hammer? Jun 2018

What is Water Hammer?

Have been wondering the meaning of water hammer? The term is usually ambiguous to none professionals. However, in case your apartment has been water-logged due to pipe burst, then it is likely you have experienced water hammer. Yes, that’s correct!  Here’s how it goes: you are in your couch having a great time with your loved ones. Abruptly, a disturbing pounding sound goes off! You go round the apartment wondering where on earth the sound is coming from. As you continue your ...

Using a Plunger for Your Sink or Toilet Jun 2018

Using a Plunger for Your Sink or Toilet

An obstructed drain or sink is one of the most frequently encountered plumbing issues in homes. Most times we are stock and confused about the right action to take when the drains are blocked. The common remedy at such situations is to pour hot water down the drain or use a cloth hanger to remove the annoying substance obstructing the drain. Now, these have their place, but you find that more often than not, a plunger is the best remedy. Get Prepared The first thing is to make sure you get ...

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal Jun 2018

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

The smell of a garbage disposal can be very disgusting, it is important to clean the garbage disposal as soon as possible to prevent mold and bacteria growth. You may want to contact plumbers from Mr. Rooter to help you clean your garbage disposal effectively, and you can also do it yourself with the following tips and ideas. Take note of where the smell is coming from You need to take note of different cleaning areas of the garbage disposal. Most smells can emanate from the stopper or plug...

Holiday Plumbing Problems Jun 2018

Holiday Plumbing Problems

We always look up to holidays as time for merriments, as some people organize get-together with loved ones. Others go visiting loved ones they probably haven’t seen for donkey’s years because of tight schedules. These are the most memorable times in our lives, so little or no attention is paid to plumbing problems that could emanate during and after the season.  Indeed, it will sound rather strange to many people out there when they learn that the holidays are more often than...