Common Issues with Commercial Bathrooms

Common Issues with Commercial Bathrooms

Are you an Atlanta, Georgia area business owner or manager? Running a company is difficult enough, and struggling with bathroom plumbing issues can create even more stress and responsibility. At Mr. Rooter, our certified residential and commercial plumbers in Atlanta provide quality services in Atlanta, Suwanee, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Roswell, Decatur and other metro area cities. Along the way, we've seen our fair share of bathroom related problems and want to help you find a way to avoid the most common situations.

Temperature Fluctuations

If the water temperature from your bathroom faucets go from frigid to scalding within minutes, you may have an issue with the water heater. Sometimes sediment can build up inside the tank, or you may have a leak or need a repair.

Hidden Leaks

Leaks that occur in obvious locations are usually taken care of quickly. They leave a noticeable pool of water on the floor, so most businesses will get a repair to avoid slips and falls in the bathroom. A more dangerous issue that company's face are hidden leaks. Your pipes wind their way beneath floors and between walls, and when a leak springs up in one of these areas, it can be difficult to detect until the damage has already become severe enough to cause structural damage to drywall, flooring or ceiling tile. This can be remedied by scheduling an appointment with a certified plumber for occasional inspections that include leak detection.

Leaky Faucets

Faucets that never stop dripping can be costing your business more than you think. Just one drop every second adds up to over 3,000 gallons per year. Most of the time, this issue is caused by worn out seals, missing washers or loose parts and can be fixed with a basic repair. Sometimes, the faucet may be broken and will need to be replaced.

Broken Handles

Commercial bathrooms see a lot of extra wear and tear. Economical toilets often come with handles that are somewhat flimsy and easy to break. Combine this with high customer and employee traffic, and children who might enjoy testing the handle's limits, and you've got a recipe for toilet mishaps. Make sure your customers can flush easily by replacing your conventional flushing toilet with push button or motion sensing models.

Foul Smells

No one wants to use smelly commercial bathrooms. Not only will stinky sewer drains make people avoid your restrooms, but many customers may avoid your company altogether. Don't let bad odors reflect poorly on your brand's image, keep customers and staff happy by scheduling frequent drain cleanings and sewer line inspections.

Toilet and Drain Clogs

Not everyone is responsible when using toilet paper. Most people would be embarrassed to clog the toilet as a guest in someone's home, but the anonymity provided by busy commercial bathrooms can create a lot of blockages and flooded floors. You may want to invest in toilets that are designed for high powered flushes and always keep a plunger handy. If you suffer from frequent clogs that won't go away, you could have a larger plumbing issue. Commercial plumbers can get the problem fixed fast using specialized tools and equipment.

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