Common Cause of Drain Stoppage

Common Cause of Drain Stoppage

Have you been dealing with frequent clogs and sewer line backups? These kinds of plumbing problems are extremely frustrating and can make simple daily tasks feel overwhelming. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta, we offer premium residential and commercial plumbing services including annual inspections, leak detection, hydro jetting, drain cleaning, clog removal, trenchless pipe repair and pipe replacement in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding metro area communities. If you are looking for a long-term solution to your clogged pipes, then read below for some helpful tips.

Buildup of Debris

One of the most common reasons for clogged pipes is buildup of debris over time. All the grease, oil, soap residue, hair, food and other materials that go down your drains will eventually begin to accumulate on the inside walls of your plumbing system. If ignored, your drains and sewer line may become blocked, causing backups and other plumbing issues. A professional clog removal can clear a pathway for water to drain. However, if you truly want to prevent future occurrences, then periodic drain cleaning and hydro jetting services will effectively remove the layers of grime, leaving your pipes refreshed and ready for action.

Out of Control Roots

Root infiltration can also be a major source of trouble for pipes. Homeowners can take extra care to keep hair and grease out of their drains, and schedule annual drain cleaning services, yet still have issues with clogs because of hidden roots in their sewer line. Thirsty roots can make their way into your pipes through the tiniest punctures or cracks in your underground pipes. Once inside, they will rapidly grow due to the high level of nutrients, causing further pipe damage and recurring blockages. The best way to handle this common situation is to invest in a professional hydro jetting and root removal service, followed by a trenchless pipe repair to fix any existing leaks. This will give your pipes a second life while providing additional protection against new root growth.

Hidden Pipe Damage

Stopped up drains can also be a warning sign of severe pipe damage or deterioration. If you have a pipe that has collapsed, shifted or become warped, then the pipe itself may be obstructed. If this is the case, then a drain line or sewer line replacement will likely be necessary to fix this urgent issue. Be sure to get help right away to avoid water damage and exposure to harmful bacteria.

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