Clogged Sink Cleaning in Atlanta

Clogged Sink Cleaning in Atlanta

No one wants to start their day off with a clogged sink. By the time the kids finish washing their hands and brushing their teeth, you may find a flooded bathroom floor to clean up while ushering the family out the door. Slowly draining sinks are a nuisance, and should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid further clogging your drain and your home's plumbing system. A dependable plumber, like the licensed professionals at Mr. Rooter, can have your drain problems solved in a single afternoon. However, if you're going to try the do it yourself approach, here's a step by step way to go from a stubborn clog to a free-flowing drain.

Step One: Remove the Stopper

If your sink has a stopper in the drain, remove it. Older models may be easily taken out, while newer stoppers take a little extra effort. Look underneath the sink and you should see a piece of metal with three holes. Unscrew the bolt on the back to loosen it, and then the stopper should easily slide out. Chances are, there will be an accumulation of material on the underside of the stopper. In many cases, this is the reason for the slowly draining water. It is usually a collection of hair, soap, skin and dirt that has grown into a mass. Put on a pair of gloves, and thoroughly remove all debris.

Step Two: Check to See if the Water is Still Draining Slowly

Replace the stopper and see if the water is now easily flowing down the pipes. If not, then you may want to disconnect the water supply. The clog must be deeper and will require extra work. If an accident occurs and a pipe is punctured or broken, you don't want to deal with a flooded bathroom or kitchen. Clogged Drain Cleaning Atlanta

Step Three: Use a Snake to Remove any Potential Clogs in Deeper in the Drain

At this point you can use a snake to try and remove the clog. Be careful when using a high-powered snake, as these can scratch, puncture and weaken pipes if used improperly. It's better for homeowners with less experience to use a basic hand cranked model, which are very affordable and found at any hardware store. Slowly turn the handle, allowing the cable to go deeper into the pipe. When you pull the cable out of the drain, you should see more material being pulled along with it. Clean it out just as you did the drain stopper. Do this several times to remove as much of the clog as possible.

Step Four: Investigate the P Trap

If the clog remains, you may want to look at the P Trap. This is the winding pipe that sits just beneath the sink. Sometimes large objects, such as a ring or child's toy, can become lodged in the P Trap, causing a blockage. Put a bucket under the pipe to catch any standing water. Unscrew the connectors, give it a thorough cleaning and remove anything that might be causing your clog.

Is it Still Clogged? Call Mr. Rooter to Schedule an Appointment with a Local Licensed Plumber

If after completing these steps the stubborn clog remains, then there is a larger issue at play and your best bet is to call an experienced, licensed plumber. Avoid using chemicals, as many of the products available at retail stores are full of caustic materials that can weaken and corrode your pipes. A trained plumber can inspect your pipes to find the source of your slowly draining pipes. The experts at Mr. Rooter are available to help find an affordable and effective solution to all your plumbing problems. We provide premium plumbing services for residents and businesses in Atlanta, Roswell, Stone Mountain, Marietta, Tucker, Lilburn and all other Metro Atlanta neighborhoods. Call today to schedule a convenient appointment with a certified local plumber.

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