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Slab Leak Detection Jun 2019

Slab Leak Detection

Does slab leak detection sound new a term to you? Well, we will try to put it simply here. Slab detection is the technical industry term to describe a leak that is precipitating in the water lines made of copper. These copper water lines are essentially, running behind the foundation of your home. When these leaks come over the ground or seen on the wall or the ceiling, they are known as pinhole leaks.  Understanding a Leak? If you are living in an earthquake-prone zone, you should know...

Slab Leak Detection in Marietta Jun 2019

Slab Leak Detection in Marietta

If you do not know what is a slab, we would like to put it here very simply. A slab is nothing but the concrete foundation of your home. Your slab needs to be very robust and sturdy because it will come into contact with a number of plumbing pipes. Further, this is the place that never comes in the eyesight of the house owner and thus, you will never come to know when the problems will start occurring in this zone.  Nevertheless, if you have suspected any damage in your slab, you must ...

How to Find a Water Leak Inside a Wall Jul 2019

How to Find a Water Leak Inside a Wall

Has your monthly water bill suddenly spiked for no reason? Do you fear that hidden water leaks could be causing major damage to your home or investment property? At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we take pride in helping our local Atlanta, Georgia clients improve the safety and quality of their pipes, fixtures and plumbing systems. While a burst pipe or flooded bathroom is easy to spot, water leaks can remain unseen for years, creating a lot of unnecessary havoc behind the scenes. Are you curious about ...

Leak Detection in Tucker Nov 2020

Leak Detection in Tucker

Are you worried about the condition of your pipes or plumbing fixtures? Do you suspect that a hidden leak is causing long term water damage? Get your plumbing system back in top shape today with help from the specialists at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta, GA. Our licensed and insured plumbers offer premium residential and commercial services such as water leak repair, leak detection in Tucker, Georgia and surrounding metro area communities. Whether you are dealing with a slab leak, basement ...