Best Uses for an Electric on Demand Water Heater

Best Uses for an Electric on Demand Water Heater

Thanks to advancements in technology, many homeowners can now enjoy the conveniences of the modern world without the use of gas. This means that many new home builders don't provide gas as an option. For homeowners who are considering an electric on demand water heater, this can limit their choices. While some people may choose to install a gas line, most families prefer to purchase an electric model when they switch to a tankless water heater. At Mr. Rooter of Atlanta, we provide a large variety of commercial and residential services for property owners in the Atlanta, Georgia area, including tankless water heater installation, repair and replacement. Have you wondered if an electric on demand water heater is the right choice for your home and lifestyle? Here is some more information that might help you make a final decision that's perfect for your unique needs.

Important Considerations About Electric On Demand Water Heaters

On demand water heaters in general are more energy efficient than traditional tanks varieties. However, to instantly deliver hot water, an electric tankless water heater capable of whole home use often requires a lot of power when in use. If you only have 100 amp electrical service, then you may need to upgrade before installing an on demand unit. It's also important to understand the relationship between the desired water temperature and how many gallons of water are being used per minute. During cold weather, it is more difficult to warm the frigid water, and so use of hot water may need to be limited to one activity at a time. Fortunately, during the spring and summer, or in the southern states where the general climate is already warm, a quality electric tankless water heater can be sufficient for multiple simultaneous activities.

What Are the Best Uses for an Electric Tankless Water Heater Unit?

In warm climates, like that of the Atlanta area, homeowners can often use an electric on demand water heater for the entire household without a problem. Some large families or homes with a lot of square footage may choose to install more than one unit to keep up with a higher demand. Electric on demand water heaters are also a great option for cottages, tiny houses and recreational vehicles, because they require very little space and work exceptionally well for small spaces. It's for this reason that many property owners also choose tankless water heaters for their pool houses, a mother in law suite, outdoor kitchens, backyard workshops and Airbnb rentals.

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