Alternative Plumbing Options for Homesteading on Undeveloped Land 

Alternative Plumbing Options for Homesteading on Undeveloped Land 

Have you been dreaming about starting your own homestead, farm or ranch? Many people want to live a simpler life in the country, but fear that they will need to sacrifice modern amenities to do so. Thankfully, with the help of certified plumbers, you can have the same great benefits and conveniences of modern plumbing systems, even when you don't have access to city water lines. The experts at Mr. Rooter proudly provide residential and commercial plumbing services in Atlanta, Decatur, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell, Georgia and other nearby areas. Here are a few tips for how you can manage your water systems when you live on undeveloped land.

Fresh Water Sources

Having easy access to safe, clean water is a priority for any family. After all, water is one of the most essential basics of survival. Therefore, for the protection and health of you and your loved ones, this aspect of land development must be carefully planned before moving permanently onto your new property. Main lines connected to the city water supply extend further out into countryside than people think. First, contact your local county office to inquire whetherq2 you can gain access to utilities from your land. If it's possible, it will be worth the effort to do so, for the convenience and guarantee of water quality. However, if tying into the local water utilities isn't possible, there's no reason to give up hope. There are ways to get clean water to your home. The best option is to drill a well for access to ground water. While there is an initial expense involved, the investment will pay for itself very quickly, as getting water into your home will be automatic. Some families also choose to collect rain water or pay for large amounts of water to be trucked in from a nearby city. While this can work, it is also far more complicated because you will need to engineer a system for holding the water safely, and will need to keep a careful watch to ensure the water used for drinking, bathing and cooking remains clear of bacteria and algea growth. Regardless of how you get your water, from a well, a water truck or rain storms - installing a whole house filtration system will provide an extra line of defense against possible contaminants. Be sure to contact the appropriate departments and authorities to stay legally compliant with whatever fresh water system you decide to implement.

Waste Management

Waste management is another important part of a home's plumbing system. Without adequate management, human waste can create major health issues. It's important to take every precaution to avoid contaminating your property with the harmful bacteria that can proliferate from the water and debris leaving your toilets, showers and sink drains. Again, if it's possible to connect your land to a local sewer main, this will be the safest and most convenient option for your family. Your waste will be carried far away from your property, to be professionally handled at the nearby treatment facility. Still, some people choose to live in areas that are far away from such amenities. In these circumstances, households have two different options. Some people choose to use composting toilets and create a plumbing system that captures gray water from drains to be used for watering the lawn or trees on the property. Composting toilets have come a long way, but they can be a burden, because they require constant daily upkeep and maintenance to ensure safety and hygiene. For this reason, most country dwellers decide to install a septic system for their waste management needs. Septic tanks can hold years of debris and will keep your family safe. While some maintenance is required, such as pumping and cleaning the tank every few years, it is minimal when compared to struggling with composting toilets. In many areas, city, county and state laws may require a septic system for permanent residences. Be sure to discuss laws and regulations with the appropriate authorities before building your home.

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